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Sew, Sow, So

It has been a busy week. Monday I finished sewing the flowers on my granddaughter’s blanket and am waiting for a time to give it to her. It feels good to have accomplished this. My first big project spun on my spinning wheel with the wool I was given and crocheted as I spun. IContinue reading “Sew, Sow, So”

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Chronicles of the Wade Homestead

I will attempt to report the happenings on our farm. We have 34 acres and most of it is in conservation ground or classified forest. I put out a little over 1/3 acre of garden and am trying to make our landscaping and garden efforts more manageable in our golden years. I am also in process of remodeling our family home that was built in 1860. My husband was diagnosed diabetic several years ago and had a heart attack in 2019. We have tried several ways of controlling his blood sugar and at the recommendation of a friend started seeing a lifestyle medicine doctor who has put him on a low fat vegan diet. At first this was difficult to adjust to but now we are enjoying the benefits of the diet change and I am learning to make more different types of foods that we are discovering we love. I will try to post things in such a way that others can learn from my successes and failures as a gardener, carpenter and landscaper. Through the ups and downs of our daily lives we have found that God is good and we are blessed here on the Wade homestead